David Remaud,
Chief Marketing Officer, iBanFirst

We are thrilled with our collaboration with WP Communications. We appreciate their professionalism and their ability to take concrete actions with immediate results from the start. Their extended network also represents a key asset to support iBanFirst’s international expansion. I was personally very impressed with the impact of their brand awareness endeavours.

Daan Wonnik, 
Marketing Manager, Lone Rooftop

Working with WP Communications is a great pleasure. The company’s strategic abilities, combined with their PR tactics and skillful copywriting, is helping us to position ourselves as a thought leader.

Director of Sales

One of the most crucial commercial aspects for a scale-up like ours is to create the brand awareness and recognition in short period of time to boost sales activity. We have been working with WP Communications for the last 8 months and the results have been extraordinary.

For the first time I was able to correlate a surge in our sales pipeline to the brand awareness created by WP Communications’ activities. I have had prospects mentioning that we have been shortlisted as one of their digital banking vendors because they have read UK thought leadership pieces and press coverage, which gave them the confidence to make us part of their selection process.

WP Communications is well respected and has a wide network in the public relations space. What I like the most is WP’s knowledge of the FinTech market, their professionalism, and the company’s focus on providing a tailored, high-quality service with the best team.”

British Army Official

WP Communications has provided an extremely valuable brand and messaging workshop, critical to our organisation’s development.  

Having access to the company’s CEO who led the workshop, Will Painter, gave us the passion, creativity, and industry expertise we needed to deliver the outputs we required. 

Will’s professionalism and unrivalled commitment matched our organisation’s values, creating an extremely effective partnership.”


Martin Zetter, 
Founder and CEO, Mindful Worklife

We are very impressed with WP Communications. Their commitment to our mission has been outstanding. They listen and have shown they really understand what we are trying to do. Clearly Will Painter’s knowledge of launching and developing a brand is first class and the practical support in getting things done has made a huge difference to us.