Will Painter, Founder and CEO


Will is a highly commended public relations practitioner, working with a diverse array of brands from startups to big household names. Will’s portfolio highlights include Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola Enterprises, Logitech, Ericsson, the United Nations, and the British Army.

Will launched WP Communications at the beginning of 2018 with a passion to provide a flexible service to brands, through deploying teams of highly trained PR specialists and industry collaborations to maximise results and business impact.

Prior to this, Will was director of brand storytelling and media strategy at Ogilvy, delivering award winning campaigns for consumer, corporate, CSR, and technology brands.

Will is a skilled publicist, copywriter, and media trainer working with top Fortune 500 companies.

Chris Horrocks, Senior Media Strategist, WP Communications

Following a long and distinguished career as a Police Officer in Greater Manchester Police, specialising in field intelligence and major incident enquiries and qualifying as an undercover test purchaser, Chris went on to become a national lead on the investigation of high profile missing person cases.

Chris featured in a prime time daily national BBC television programme, with a TV crew filming him in the course of his investigative duties, for three years. This work continued to be a major part of his life after leaving the police, as Chris became a media consultant on crime and policing in the UK.

Since 2007, Chris has developed a career in Media Relations, PR and Communications, becoming a recognised specialist consultant in a diverse array of sectors, including emergency response crisis communications in Oil and Gas, strategic communications in education, NHS, health frameworks and corporate clients and media training in multiple sectors.

Following the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London in 2017, Chris was the media consultant on national TV and radio, appearing on BBC, Sky, ITV and BBC World Service, discussing the policing and counter terrorism measures, in reaction to the unfolding atrocities.  

Chris has advised corporate clients for 15 years on media positioning and developing holistic strategic campaigns, using social media to complement audio visual content.

Sarah Zeta, Account Manager, WP Communications

Sarah is a persistent and hard-working media relations specialist, with an interest in global media culture and the consumer business. Sarah has experience in research, and analysing data outcomes for campaigns with studies in earned and paid media, with abilities to strategise solutions and accelerate business growth.

She has garnered experience in Public Relations, and social media across different ventures with skills in media, and the digital, and is bilingual in English and Indonesian. Sarah holds a BA in advertising from the University of the Arts London.

Jennifer Li, Media Relations Specialist, WP Communications

Jennifer is a globally-oriented individual experienced in the legal and philanthropic industries. After receiving a B.A. Political Science at the University of California Santa Barbara, she went on to complete her MSc Global Affairs at King’s College London. Her time spent living in China, US, Singapore, and UK have prepared her to approach public relations campaigns with an awareness for cultural nuances and a fresh global insight. 

Before joining WP Communications, she interned at an NGO working in Rwanda and the Los Angeles Superior Court System. Her master’s dissertation was centred around the financial inclusion of migrant entrepreneurship in Turkey and Jordan, as well as a separate individual capstone project centred around undocumented migrant workers in Thailand. She is excited to bring her diverse background to the company and contribute to the public relations industry.

Intisar AlQsar, Media Relations Specialist (MENA), WP Communications

Intisar is an award-winning advocacy, policy and communications specialist. 

With a solid understanding of internal communication, CSR, supervising, and managing team skills, Intisar has a specific focus on capability building and performance management.

Her experience in various sectors from corporate, public, state, humanitarian and development has rounded her insights into various industries allowing her to perfect the tone and cultural approach of communication campaigns. 

She also brings extensive knowledge of culture and practice of the pan-Arab region.

Claire Rhodes, Content Specialist, WP Communications

Claire has worked in the B2B technology communications space for the last 6+ years.

With a love for words, grammar, and tech, she prides herself on her product know-how and the inner workings of solutions.

Her range of work experience in editing, PR and content marketing, and her BA Hons in English Literature and Language, have provided her with the tools necessary for her successful career in  writing.