Exec team

Will Painter, CEO and founder // strategic & creative lead

A highly commended and trusted PR practitioner, previously working for Ogilvy as director of media story-telling, delivering award winning campaigns for consumer and corporate brands.

Will launched WP Communications in February 2018 with a passion to provide a more flexible service to brands, through deploying teams of highly trained PR specialists and industry collaborations to maximise results and business impact.



Ollie Lawson, Corporate Communications specialist

An experienced PR professional, specialising in developing and delivering strategic and effective corporate communications.

For over 13 years, Ollie has been providing communication programmes and issues & crisis support to UK and international firms.

Ollie is also the Chair of Trustees for UK STEM education charity Science Alive, that runs a series of education centres across Essex, which aims to encourage younger generations into STEM careers.


Sally Alexander, Social Media Strategist

As a results orientated social media professional, Sally has 13+ years of experience in consumer lifestyle and trade PR helping to build brand awareness and create engaging campaigns.

Sally is also highly skilled in social media at live events, helping to grow footfall, awareness, and sales.