The future of work is flexible collaboration

By Will Painter, CEO, WP Communications

There’s no doubt that agile or flexible working practices is a hot topic of discussion across a variety of industries at the moment. Both small and large businesses are realising the benefits of increased productivity and workforce motivation that flexible working brings.

A 2017 report by the Holmes Report shows that the global PR industry is worth over £11.2bn. More than ever before, the PR and communications industry provides a golden opportunity for aspiring and established communications consultants to work across a diverse range of brands and sectors.

However, there is a current lack of trust which is stunting true flexible working across workforces and not enough employers are putting these schemes fully into practice, merely paying lip-service to the diverse needs of growing and highly skilled workforces.

Flexible working has many benefits including increasing employee motivation, engagement, well-being, and productivity. At the same time, it is helping to meet the needs to clients much more effectively.

Brands desire better and more measurable business outcomes from PR and marketing activities. An agile workforce serves these needs, with teams of specialists scaled around specific client objectives while at the same time maximising resources. By enabling people to work in a way that is convenient and productive for them exceptional results are delivered.

By deploying a network of specialists the amount of relevant experience is increased, including a greater understanding of the client’s business, the client’s customers, and the industry. This is instead of the traditional generalist model: spreading teams too thinly across accounts which may not have the prerequisite knowledge or experience to service the customer effectively.

For productivity and high levels of service to be ensured businesses need to change nostalgic, traditional working models and embrace agile practices where team members are treated as valued partners and collaborators.

It’s time to champion employee empowerment. This will lead to greater productivity, well-being, and deliver better outcomes for the clients they work with.

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